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Rhodesia , now Zimbabwe. The Latin word for " Empress ".

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Latin Strenuus , "diligent, careful", virtues exemplified by Gustav Stracke , German astronomer and orbit computer, who had asked that no asteroid be named after him see Geranium. Boris Numerov — , Russian astronomer. Troilus , Trojan prince, killed by Achilles. Pumma , nickname of a niece of German astronomer Albrecht Kahrstedt — , also see Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov — , Russian revolutionary. Bressole, nephew of discoverer Louis Boyer. Francette, wife of discoverer Louis Boyer.

Louis Boyer — , French astronomer and discoverer of minor planets. Aster , a genus of Asteraceae flowering plants. Crocus , a genus of Iridaceae flowering plants possibly inspired by the provisional designation letters: C roc u s. Amor , Roman god of love the minor planet makes close approaches to Earth, like a lover. Neckar River, Germany, tributary of the Rhine.

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The Latin word for fantasy. Geranium , a genus of Geraniaceae flowering plants. The initials of the minor planets through , all discovered by K. Reinmuth , spell out " G. Stracke ", German astronomer and orbit computer, who had asked that no planet be named after him. Scabiosa , a genus of Dipsacaceae flowering plants. Primula auricula , flowering plants. Cortusa , a genus of Primulaceae flowering plants. Kobresia , a genus of Cyperaceae plants sedges. Elyna , a genus of Cyperaceae plants sedges. Richard Schorr — , German astronomer. Predappio , Italy , birthplace of Benito Mussolini. Adolphe Quetelet — , Belgian mathematician, statistician, meteorologist, and astronomer, first director of the Royal Observatory of Belgium at Brussels.

In honour of the th anniversary of Hamburg Observatory. Pamela, daughter of astronomer Cyril Jackson who discovered this minor planet.

Calvinia , Cape Province , South Africa. Shaka c. Latin for "remembrance"; the discoverer was often reminded of her pleasant relationship while in Uccle in Jugurtha c. The naming was proposed by Irving Meyer and endorsed by German astronomer Gustav Stracke who mentioned on a postcard in February , that his American college, Meyer, who himself did not discover any asteroids, requested the naming after the city of Rutherford, where a private observatory was located at the time. The name is often incorrectly attributed to physicist and Nobelist Lord Rutherford. Possibly the Latin name for Friesland and the teutonic tribe that gave its name to the area.

Mariya Vasilyevna Zhilova — , also known as M. Shilowa, Russian astronomer and orbit computer. Walhalla Memorial Hall , near Regensburg , Germany.

Letaba River , Transvaal , South Africa. Geertruida, sister of Dutch astronomer Gerrit Pels at Leiden Observatory, who named this asteroid and computed its orbit. Libya , country in northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean sea. Romain Rolland — , French writer.

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Datura stramonium , the thorn apple. Gefjun Gefion Fountain, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Named for the city of Uccle and for the Royal Observatory of Belgium situated there. Jules Baillaud — , French astronomer. Jeanne, daughter of discoverer Sylvain Arend. Latvia , country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Lorcia, wife of Polish astronomer Tadeusz Banachiewicz.

Santa, unknown origin of name. The name was given by Italian astronomer E. Phryne , a hetaera of the 4th century BC, celebrated for her beauty. Luce, wife of discoverer Fernand Rigaux. Sonja, unknown origin of name. The name was proposed by ARI and may be inspired by the asteroids provisional designation containing "SO". Deflotte, nephew of discoverer Louis Boyer. Parents-in-law of E. Reinmuth, brother of discoverer Karl Reinmuth. Marcelle, the second daughter of French astronomer Guy Reiss who discovered this minor planet.

Yvonne Boyer, sister of discoverer Louis Boyer.

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Robert Luther — , German astronomer and discoverer of minor planets. Arosa , mountain village and tourist resort in Switzerland. Cimmeria , ancient Ukrainian region around Crimea. Albrecht von Haller — , Swiss physician, botanist and poet. Walter A. Villiger — , Swiss astronomer, head of the department of astronomical instruments of Carl Zeiss , Jena. Otto Knopf — , German astronomer at Jena , Germany. Paula, wife of Belgian astronomer Sylvain Arend who discovered this minor planet. Kazan , Russia, on the Volga. Silvretta , a mountain range in the Alps. Nerine , a genus of Amaryllidaceae flowering plants.

The showy, large tropical terrestrial orchid genus Disa. Nicolaus Copernicus — , Polish astronomer. Tugela River , Natal , South Africa. Inanda , Zulu village in South Africa. He was a friend of the discoverer Benjamin Jekhowsky. Spiridon Zaslavsky — , brother-in-law of Russian discoverer Vladimir Albitsky. Guglielmo Marconi — , Italian radio pioneer, physicist, and Nobel Prize winner. Knut Lundmark — , Swedish astronomer. Demoulin, Belgian astronomer, of the University of Ghent. Latin name for Zeeland , in the Southwest Netherlands. Marc Dupont, nephew of the discoverer Louis Boyer.

Brother-in-law of the discoverer Louis Boyer. Yvette, niece of the discoverer Louis Boyer. Paul Caubet, French astronomer at the Toulouse Observatory. Maartje Mekking — , daughter of B. Mekking — , a Dutch computational assistant at Leiden Observatory. Louis Botha — , first prime minister of the Union of South Africa. Magoeba , native chief of the North Transvaal, South Africa. Khama III c. Ngqika a. Tarka, chief of Transkei , South Africa, who also gave his name to the town of Tarkastad. Griqua tribe of Griqualand , South Africa. Herbert Hoover — , American president, earlier president of the Commission for Relief in Belgium — ; named in his honour after his visit to Belgium.

Louis G. Henyey — , American astronomer. Auguste Cauvin, a. Nongoma , capital city of the KwaZulu homeland, South Africa.

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Numidia , ancient North African kingdom and Roman province. Ostanin, a small village in located in the Solikamsky District of the Perm Governorate , what is now Russia.